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Compliance Cavalry has partnered with Scientific Dust Collectors to offer a wide variety of dust collection systems to service a vast array of dust suppression and compliance needs. ​With patented technology from SDC and Compliance Cavalry, we can design, build, and install filtration systems to meet your industry-specific needs. 

Scientific Dust Collectors began business in 1981 when their first patented improvement for cleaning a filtering media was issued.  Subsequent patents issued in 1986, 1987, and 1988 relate to further improvements in dust collector cleaning technologies. It is their innovation as well as their reputation for integrity and dependability that make SDC the ideal partner.   

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A Scientific Review of Dust Collection 2nd Edition

Get your free copy of Scientific Dust Collectors' 2nd edition, 120 page manual on dust collection.      

"The Real Dirt on Dust"