Prevent a combustible dust tragedy by folllowing these two simple steps:

1) Risk assessment - Conduct a risk analysis of your dust to determine combustibility.  Lab tests establish the explosive index (KST value) and the maximum pressure rise (Pmax value) of the dust.  The dust collection equipment you will require is based on these two measurements.  It is imperative that your equipment is sized and installed appropriately.  

Basically, any dust with a KST above 0 is considered combustible and subject to a OSHA citation.  See the chart below for Kst values for many common dusts.

2) Equipment - Invest in equipment that is appropriately sized and suited for your needs from a qualified supplier.  Purchasing less than optimal equipment or reverse-engineering equipment just to "make-do" can have hazardous results.  Those results may be replacing your equipment or receiving an OSHA citation as the best case and worst case is lives are lost.  

In addition, OSHA has established standards and recommendations for labeling containers, equipment and pipes that come into contact with combustible dust.  

Watch the videos below to fully understand the impact that this hazard can cause and how they can be prevented.  Compliance Cavalry has the knowledge and expertise to assess your risk and the solution that could prevent a catastrophic event from combustible dust.  

Combustible Dust Safety

One of the greatest hazards within any plant is explosion and the likeliest locations for an explosion is in the plant's dust collection system. Unlike some other workplace hazards, there is no advance warning.  

Compliance Cavalry partners with the world's leader in explosion protection and process safety products,  Rembe, to provide the highest quality explosion protection, venting, pressure and vacuum relief solutions for food production, wood mills, silos, breweries, oil & gas, petrochemical and a variety of other industries.  When chemical suppression, explosion vents, flameless venting and backflow protection are required, Compliance Cavalry and Rembe will provide a trusted solution.