Compliance Cavalry Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anew Industrial 

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​​Compliance Assessments

We offer affordable workplace assessments to help your business get compliant with safety regulations.  We can recognize issues and bring them to your attention before they are injurious to employees or the business.

combustible dust

Dust accumulation is oftentimes the most overlooked hazard in the workplace.  Compliance Cavalry, in conjunction with Rembe provides solutions for venting, pressure and explosion control.

Understanding the rules

Our knowledgeable Silica Controls Specialists will walk you through the changes to OSHA's permissible exposure limits. We will answer any questions you have regarding the new regulations and keep you up to date on any regulatory changes that could affect your business.  

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​​maintenance service

Regular testing, maintenance and repairs prevents illness and injuries and keeps you in compliance with industry regulations. 

Signage and labeling

The new OSHA silica standards require demarcation, labeling, and signage.  Let us help you with that. 

Silica Exposure Control

Our team helped create one of the largest silica sand mining businesses in Texas.  We won awards from MSHA and we'll make sure your business complies with OSHA and MSHA regulations.

Dust and vapor controls

We have partnered with Scientific Dust Collectors (SDC), a USA-based industry icon with more than 35 years of proven dust collection experience. From new units to replacement cartridges, Compliance Cavalry and SDC have the solutions to fit every workplace.